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Nexgen Formulation discovers, develops, produces and market pharmaceutical drugs with an ability to accuracy and interpret medicinal need with detailed orientation.


Producing quality products by maintaining the regulation of drugs and medicine which is crucial to the health and safety of the public.



Nexgen Formulation manufacture the products by fostering an environment that promotes the safe, efficacious and cost-effective use of medicine



Delivering the products that improve the medication use process to enhance continuity of care


Dry Powder Injections(Critical Care)

We are producing dry powder injection which has great stability in an aqueous environment.

About Us

Nexgen Formulations comes under top pharma franchise company. We are especially known for our best quality product for intensive care medicine. Nexgen Formulations is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Pharma Manufacturer Company. We are also certified with WHO and GMP and offering reasonably priced medicines to our franchise partner in this largely multinational dominated environment. We are patient-centric by nature and quality-oriented when it comes to services. Our ethical pharma franchise approach has been widely appreciated all over India. We are one of the best pharma Franchise Company. If you want to start your own pharma business and looking for the best option for Franchise, Nexgen Formulations would be the best choice for you.

After joining our pharma Franchise you’ll get Intensive care product along with our professional services. Our sophisticated range of products has been a source of pride for hundreds of associates spread far and wide. Quality is the essence of associating with Nexgen Formulations. Our company focuses on providing high-quality affordably priced products to our partner and support all these with dedicated customer service. Nexgen Formulations is uniquely positioned to serve as the pharmaceutical industry’s preferred strategic partner. Although medicines have made great progress in recent years but proving those medicines to people is equally important. With our business venture, we are ensuring good access to our high-quality pharma products to people all over the country.  The quantity of hard work we have done enables us to provide the product at a reasonable price to our franchise partner in India. Progressive Life-Care is rising as a powerful unit in the pharmaceutical business with the confidence of building new healthcare formulations and noteworthy differences in the lives of common people.

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